crypto currency Cryptography for confidential payments began to be used since 1990 in the DigiCash system, David Choma, whose company went bankrupt in 1998 . However, its payment system was centralized, and for the first time the term ’cryptovolume’ began to be used after the appearance of the peeping payment system Bitcoin, which was developed in 2009 by a person or a group of individuals under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, and uses SHA-256 hashing and a system of proofs of work. Later there were other Bitcoin-independent crypto-loops, called Bitcoin’s forks: Namecoin (a decentralized DNS that uses the same name as cryptographic to register .bit domains), Litecoin (uses Scrypt’s hashing, the increased upper limit of total emissions is reduced PPCoin (uses the proof-of-work / Proof-of-stake hybrid mechanism, has no upper limit on total emissions), Novacoin (similar to PPCoin, but uses scrypt and reduced emission factors) .In 2018, the Australian city of Agnes Waters became the first city in the world to receive cryptology. 79330